Green Man Longbows price list. Prices stated are a guide. Optional extras are priced individually and include spare strings, bow bags, choice of woods, the design and materials used for nocks and grips and conversions into a take down bow.


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Please note all prices have been revised as from Jan 2019 and will apply to all work commencing after this time.


Pacific Yew English Longbows and War Bows

Green Man Longbows combine the very best wood and craftsmanship to produce beautiful longbows with superb performance and durability. These bows are hand made from a single piece of top quality yew, each finished bow being completely unique and often displaying some form and character of the tree and wood used

Target archery style English longbows have a stiff handle area and are fitted with a leather  grip, buffalo horn nocks and supplied with a custom made string. They are suitable for draw weights from 25lb up to  70lb and can be made to accommodate a draw length up to 31".

Price  950

War Bow style English longbows bend throughout the bow, have horn nocks and are supplied with a custom made string. They are suitable for draw weights between 70lb and up to 100lb and draw lengths up to 32".

Price from 1100




Solid silver wire (1mm) arrow passes

A binding of solid silver wire, fitted on each side of the hand grip. Looks very attractive and acts as a practical and durable arrow pass on the bow.

Price 85 extra




Laminated Longbows

These bows are made in the style of an English longbow using top quality hardwoods combined in two, three or four laminations. The standard wood combination is hickory, purpleheart and lemonwood. For different wood combinations please contact me with your ideas. The longbows  can be made in the target or war bow style, both of which provide excellent durability and performance. They have buffalo horn nocks and are supplied with a custom made string.

Depending on the design and woods used, they are suitable for draw weights up to 90lb and draw lengths up to 32".

Prices from 400 for a bi-laminate and 450 for a tri-laminate




Take-down Longbows

The take-down longbow (also known as a carriage bow) is a bow that comes in two half's that are joined together at the handle when in use. Green Man Longbows use a high quality steel and brass sleeve and socket system that is suitable for all bows up to around a 50lb draw weight.

Prices from 520 for a bi-laminate and 570 for a tri-laminate


Yew take-down's are 1070



Storage / carrying box for Take-down longbows

These attractive and durable boxes are hand made in a Victorian style, using Mahogany and brass fittings. They come in two sizes, the first being designed to hold the bow and six arrows in the lid and the second which has an extra layer of six arrows stored under the bow.

6 arrow box  450

12 arrow box 550



Mongolian style, traditional horn-wood-sinew composites

These recurved and reflexed bows are made using the traditional materials. They have a horn belly, a wood or bamboo core and a sinew backing, and they also employ the fixed levers at the bows tips known as 'ears' or syiahs.

These bows are also available in the style of a Korean or Turkish composite.

Prices from 1200




Self Wood Longbows

These bows are made from a single piece of Lemonwood. Only the very best staves are chosen for these longbows. To ensure durability and performance the backs of these longbows are formed by following a single growth ring throughout the bows length.

They are suitable for draw weights up to around 90lb and draw lengths up to 32".

Self wood bows in woods other than lemonwood are occasionally available or can be made to order, these would be priced individually.

Prices from 450




Other bows

This includes bows that have particular or unique design features or that don't fit into any of the categories above, priced individually.

Anything considered.

Contact for details.




Postage and packaging

Postage and packing to mainland UK destinations is around 35

Overseas postage prices are varied and depends on the destination and the size and weight of the package. Also there may be country specific restrictions that apply, customs documentation to complete, and customs import duty to be paid.  Prices can range from 50 - 100

Shipping insurance is not included but can be purchased separately for around 70




Target Arrows

A cedar or pine wood shaft arrow with field or target  points, parabolic fletching and plastic nocks. Suitable for bows up to 60lb draw weight.

65 for six arrows or 125 for 12




Footed and self nocked longbow arrows

Top quality target and field arrows supplied with hardwood footings and self nocked  with buffalo horn inserts.

Price from 45 each arrow




Medieval Style Arrows

A Boyton Pine wood shaft arrow with 5 1/2 " hand cut, full length fletching (fully bound). Self nocked with buffalo horn inserts, a choice of heads.

Price  350 for 12 arrows




Medieval Battle Arrows

These arrows are made using a 1/2" poplar shaft and a hand forged steel bodkin. They are self nocked with horn inserts and have full length fletching bound with black or ivory coloured thread. Varnished or un varnished if required. Other heads available.

Prices from 65 each arrow




Carved buffalo Horn Longbow Nocks

These buffalo horn nocks are carved from a single piece of horn. Their design was inspired by the dragon head carvings found on the front of Viking long ships.

Other designs can be made to order, contact me with you requirements.

Price 170 for a single carved nock and a plain rounded counter nock.

300 for a matching pair of carved nocks.




Solid Sterling Silver Longbow Nocks

These nocks are made from solid sterling silver. The design is first made from a buffalo horn and then this template is sent to the silversmiths who take a mould and cast the nock in solid silver.

Prices from around 280 for a pair, dependant on the design and final weight of the nocks




Spare Strings

A single looped, laid in Flemish string  or a custom length double loop in black and white B50 with a central serving in black or Green.





Making Payments

Payment is made on completion of the order and approval of the work, either in person or through e-mailed photos and reports. Most orders will require a 100 deposit, deducted from the final payment.

Payments can be made in cash, cheques, bank money transfers or with a credit card (online using Pay Pal).

Payments using Pay Pal in the UK will incur an additional charge of 3.5%.

Payments using Pay Pal from overseas will incur an additional charge that is dependant on the country of purchase, contact for details