Take-down bows and longbows (Carriage Bows) and hand made mahogany bow boxes with brass fittings




The take-down longbow  is a bow that comes in two half's that are joined together at the handle when in use. It is also known as a carriage bow, named after its use as protection in horse drawn carriages where space and ease of transportation were a major factor.



Green Man Longbows use a high quality steel and brass sleeve and socket system in our take-down longbows that is suitable for all laminated and self wood bows up to around a 50lb draw weight.






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Laminated English longbow, (Take Down), Hickory-Yew, 45lb at 28"

Laminated English longbow, (Take Down) Hickory-Purpleheart-Lemonwood, 44lb at 28"

Laminated English longbow, (Take Down), Hickory-Lemonwood-Bloodwood, 40lb at 28"




Take-down Longbow, storage / carrying boxes.



These attractive and durable boxes are hand made in a Victorian style, using Mahogany and brass fittings.



They come in two sizes, the first being designed to hold just the bow and six arrows in the lid and the second which has an extra layer of six arrows stored under the bow.