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English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, silver nocks, 46lb at 31"

Dear Varin,

I have shot about 500 or so arrows from bow by now. Shoots really sweet. It out shoots (distance) a friends longbow of a little higher poundage(52lbs);by an average of 45 yards. I think having the silver ends, while causing a little less tip speed, transfers more energy to the arrow with less flexing of the arrow on launch. We used the same arrow in the "testing" and my friend is now a believer. A few people have said why silver tips, with a shaking of their heads, until they tried out the bow.....and then they just grin from ear to ear. Thanks for trying out my idea and for your outstanding workmanship. Best Regards,


P S Have also split 6 arrows because it shoots constantly tight 3 arrow groups.



English Longbow (target), English Yew, 27lb at 28"

Dear Varin,
Just received the longbow and am very pleased with it.
We shall be shooting at the Fraternity of Saint George on the 9th November so will let you know how Paul gets on with it. ..........I said I'd let you know how my grandson got on with the bow. He didn't have an opportunity to use it till last week.
He got on with it very well and won the speed shooting contest for juniors at the Fraternity shoot.



War Bow, Lemonwood, 96lb at 32"

Dear Varin
My son supplied the following comments on the bow:

• The bow is bending perfectly
• Smooth and easy to string
• Totally balanced
• From a historical perspective it looks and feels fantastic to use
• Draw weight is very accurate
• Basically flawless

This is pretty full praise from a teenager!

Kind Regards...Karen



English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 57lb at 28"

Hi Varin.

My new bow has arrived this afternoon, and you are right it is really beautiful. I have been shooting a few arrows , and it is very good. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.




English Laminated Longbow (target), Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 42lb at 28"

Hi Varin

I finally got to shoot the bow today…...It shoots really nicely…a real treat to shoot!!  Many thanks again for selling it to me. I shall continue to enjoy it for a long time.         

Keep on crafting the bows!!

Cheers! David


English Laminated Longbow (target), Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 27lb at 28"

Dear Mr Smith

My wife has been using her new bow for a few weekends now and is very pleased with it. She says it is very easy to use and has had improved scores already, also we were both impressed with the quality and finish of the bow, it really is a work of art.

Thanks again for providing such a great present.





English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 44lb at 27"

Hi Varin

Thank you very much for the bow, it is a piece of art.

Been out twice now and my aim is getting better and better and now get a respectable grouping, I seem to be better on the long bow than the recurve.

Thank you again Varin for a wonderful bow.

                             Regards Ian.


Laminated Longbow (War Bow), Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 75lb at 32"


Howdy Varin,

I received the bow on Friday and made a trip out to the range. The grass is a bit high this weekend and I lost more than a few arrows. The bow had much more action than my current and its trajectory was much straighter at the range I was shooting 75 yds. I spent most of my time hunting arrows. The bow shot well and I need to get control of it........

.....I was really impressed with the heft and dimension of the bow. It is noticeably more robust than my 65# bow. However, if I don't get control of it soon, I'm going to be loosing too many arrows in the grass. I'm going to extend the range and get more loft in the bow to keep the feathers up to see.

Despite the arrow attrition, I am enjoying the bow! Take care and be well Varin and Kerry!




Laminated Longbow ( Bamboo and Yew), 45lb at 28"

Hi Varin

After my yesterdays email I unpacked the bow carefully and first was speechless about the beauty! I can tell you something: I sent the pictures of your last email to a few of my friends and everybody is asking me: "Do you intend to shoot this bow on another day than Sunday?" ........This bow is soooooo beautiful that I totally forgot to describe how nice it feels to shoot ... :-)

...........Varin, I do not know how to thank you for this wonderful piece of craftsmanship! I think it would be a nice thing to to let you follow the lifeline of this bow you made and therefore will send you some pictures and information about it from time to time.



Laminated 'Take Down' Longbow ( Hickory and Yew), 51lb at 30"

Thanks Varin

I found the info on utube of a guy stringing a bow so sorted, the bow is brilliant! feels like holding a piece of history I am shooting with consistency and accuracy to 140 meters hope to go a bit further with practice.

Thanks again Stephen



English Longbow (War Bow), Pacific Yew, 76lb at 31", 24 Medieval Arrows.



The first shoot were at about 16m then I move up to 20m only missed the target 4 times and I was shooting till 5pm I was having that much fun . Got up to almost full draw Ill be sore tomorrow I've got browsed finger tips .Damaged one needle point when I missed and it hit the wall so the point is like a pigs tail but think it might straighten out did the same with a dead head but that just needs a file . The arrows are brill, even when the fletching got messy from going in the bushes one brush with my hand In the right direction and they were back in line I is a very happy bunny , even the arm guard worked.
Great job Varin you are the man.




English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 44lb at 28"  - 52lb at 31"

Hi Varin
The bow shoots VERY sweetly. So far I've only shot it inside, the weather here hasn't been ideal.. When it's decent as in not too wet I'll take it outdoors and hopefully get some decent photos.

Best wishes to you both


Laminated Longbow ( Bamboo and Hickory), 29lb at 28"

Hi Varin,
Shot bow last night and what can I say except 'wow!' It's a really sweet bow to shoot absolutely fantastic .... and the arrows of course:-) Came away with the hugest smile on my face! I would just like to say a really big Thank you to you and your mate.



Laminated Longbow, Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 52lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

 The longbow is performing fantastically and I have been shooting it regularly since receiving it, it has a very sweet draw and a nice shape at full draw. I took it to the chantry bowmen shoot a few weeks ago and it drew some admiring looks and enquiries. Using it I've been able to start achieving my first 1st class scores, so thanks very much.



English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 44lb at 28"

hi Varin

The longbow has arrived safely. It looks great (even better than in the pictures), feels good in the hand and seems to draw nicely. I'll keep you updated once I've had a chance to shoot it. thanks yet again Patrick


Laminated Longbow, Hickory, Bloodwood, Lemonwood, 40lb at 29"

        Hi Varin

Just got back from shooting the new bow, and it's fantastic! There's no hand shock and the draw is very smooth. It was doing a fine job at 50yds even using my old 11/32 arrows.

Thanks so much Stewart


English Longbow, Lemonwood, 55lb at 28"

Hi Varin!

Well I shot the longbow today and yesterday!

Just about managed to get a consistent form with it!

You were not wrong about 200 yards being doable with this weapon!

I managed a shade over 200 yards with it! :)



English Longbow (War Bow), Pacific Yew, 150lb at 32"

Dear Varin,

I've finally got it to full draw ! What a beautiful and powerful bow she is, when the weather clears up I will send you pictures of me shooting, 150lb is a heck of a weight to build to and it felt like I was about to pull my arm off at first but now the string comes back smoothly and there is a great thud as the arrow sails straight to the boss. Easily the best bow ive ever used or shot and I look forward to using it for a long time to come. 

Kind regards,



English Longbow (War Bow), Pacific Yew, 70lb at 29" Mongolian Bow 40lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

I just got the long bow, Mongol bow and all arrows here in Kenya and they shoot great...

Thanks again for all the hard work and excellent craftsmanship.




Laminated Longbow, Take-Down, Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 50lb at 29", Horse head nock. Take-down box.


Dear Varin

This is to acknowledge the reception of the Centaur Bow in perfect conditions....A fantastic set both bow and box! The bow is a masterpiece with its unique carved horse head!.... I'm very pleased with the way it shoots.

Thank you Varin

Best regards

francisco C


Tri-Laminated Longbow, (Take-Down Bow), Hickory, Purpleheart, Lemonwood, 45lb at 28",

Dear varin

I'd would like to thank you for the outstanding bow you've made me . Your service is excellent and the advice you provided about what type of wood , finish etc really made a difference. I also appreciate the photos of the bow in construction. The bow shoots really well .

Many thanks Simon


English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 50lb at 28"


Dear Varin,

A real pleasure to meet you and your wife. The bow is superb, a real work of art.

Thanks again




English Longbow , English Yew, 50lb at 28"

Dear Varin What a beautifully made English war bow ,it gives me much pride to use, and have it on the living room wall ,for friends and family to see .I do get great comments ,but for the maker it is without doubt I have the last comment  .thank you Varin. I will have many years of enjoyment ,at last I own a piece of history ,the true power of the English long bow.




Laminated English Longbow, Hickory, Yew, 43lb at 31"

Hello Varin,

The bow arrived yesterday morning first thing. Needles to say the packing had to wait for the morning.

What a lovely bit of kit. Simple and elegant. Aside from two missed nocks to begin ( this worried me as I was effectively dry firing a bow! ) most of my shots were on target. My arrows are wildly fish tailing. I think because I am using fibreglass arrows. Too stiff. This will change in NZ. Wood ones to be made.

I will keep your website in the favourites. I suspect in a few years when I have saved up, that yew bow made just for me will be ordered.

I still have a mad grin on. When the rain moves on I will be back out there.

Thanks for the help. Thanks for making beautiful and effective bows.

All the best.




English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 40lb at 27"

Hi Varin

Shot the bow you made me yesterday competitively at club indoor session for first time after some outdoor practice.
Once I got the aiming sorted got hit after hit ,first 10 and bow impressed the longbow MB I was shooting with who was very impressed with the way it held its shape and bend at full draw.
Had to have a break halfway through as to many congregating round the bow including one Olympic archer, a GB archer and longbow archers of 20 years experience who were full of praise for its beauty and performance even with me attached to it.
Have 2 open Portsmouth competitions over next 2 weekends which I am looking forward to .
Am busy building arrows for Kathryn's bow as she intends to shoot it mainly outdoors as she has 3 bows to choose from. lucky girl.

Thanks again.


PS Even one of the top compound shooters in our area asked to look & hold it, although he couldn't be persuaded to give up compound for longbow.



Hi Varin,

Hope you are both well.
Bow shooting really nicely got my first, first class score ever, today at a tournament in Malvern, Worcs shooting Long National. Two gold's at 80 yards one at best gold end but Compounder won it lol. H/C been reducing nicely month by month.

Bow still getting admiring looks at longbow tournaments plus a few archers recognised it as one of yours and some funny comments from compounder's who don't like knobbly bits.

Just started making my first set of arrows for it hoping to get them ready for English Longbow champs in Lincoln next month.



English Longbow, Take-down, Pacific Yew, 40lb at 28"

I have the bow , thank you.
The bow looks beautiful. I will be trying it out next Saturday after I have finished teaching the juniors at the club beginners session.




English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 56lb at 28"

Have just had New bow out for the second time at Riggwelter field archers (as well as a little dabble in my garden at just 15 yards pics included) well what can I say, you said I could return the bow if I didn't like it; I don't think so Mr Smith!! Bow is very fast, somewhat faster than my warbow, drawing 60lb at my target draw of 28", but that is no surprise, and getting close to the speed of my modern 60" flat bow!! first day out on the 40 target course I dropped only 2 targets, I simply can't put into words how pleased I am with the bow, as with all your bows a work of art and performs to and above my expectations. I'm so pleased that I went for yew and not laminate the draw is so smooth and seems somewhat softer than a laminate of the same weight, arrows come off so cleanly, but that could be down to my fletching, but I think not. I will send you some pictures shooting on the range if ever we get a decent sunny day, many thanks Varin and all the best Charlie.


English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 50lb at 27"

Hi Varin,

My superb yew bow has arrived and looks absolutely gorgeous, I have shot about a dozen arrows at short range and it feels soooo smoooooth.

I will say more after shooting tomorrow morning at Croesoswallt Archery.

Thank you for a fantastic bow, I'm sure it will be the talking point at the club.

Kind Regards.



English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 50lb at 28"

Hi Varin,
> Hope you are both well.
> Just shot third First class score with the bow two in a row so finally achieved first class over the moon ,bow settling in well, indoor Portsmouth scores am setting PB'S week after week. What a great bow, action smooth giving those bamboo backed bows a run for their money.
> Thanks again
> Steve



Handmade English Medieval style Knife, with scabbard,' Bollock' Dagger

Hi Varin,
Received the parcel this morning and have just opened it, WOW FANTASTIC, thank you.
I will be saving up some more money soon, so will keep a look out on your site.
Thanks again and have a brilliant weekend.
Kindest Regards,

Hi Varin,
I look at the knife every day, love it, brilliant.
I certainly would like a custom knife made.
Speak soon,



English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 40lb at 28"

Hello Varin,

I have received the bow, it looks great and it shoots great too. It make a beautiful sound and everyone at my club is envious.



Take-Down English Longbow, tri-lam Hickory, lemonwood, Yew 55lb at 28"

Many thanks for the bow, it's a work of art. Not only does it look the part, it's a joy to shoot, smooth, silent, and fast, very fast.

Like they say, you get what you pay for. I'm so glad I found you when I went looking for a Takedown Longbow. It's quite obvious that you take a great deal of time effort and pride in what you do, the Beethoven of the Bow makers.

If anybody in Australia wants a reference before they buy give them my phone # 0419659716. Again Thanks, Dave. PS The arrows are great too.



English Longbow, Take-down, Pacific Yew, 50lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

Just thought I'd send you some photos of your bow in action from last weekend in the hills above Paphos. The bow is shooting fantastically well...

Thanks again for the superb work.



English Longbow, Tri-lam Bamboo, Purpleheart, lemonwood, 51lb at 27"

Quick update. Shot the bow for a couple of hours this am in between my coaching some beginners.
Set up boss at 80 yards put point of 1st arrow on the gold released and hit the boss so arrow scored. Result- exactly what I was looking for.
The crowds were impressed as I knew my longbow colleagues couldn't stay away.
Carried on got some good shots in even though I am still working to get the string all the way back to my nose and hand fully under my chin due to the increase in poundage.
Shoots really quietly and is very fast. Put one in the wooden frame, split that nicely but arrow fine.
I am very impressed with it so far, as were my longbow colleagues who were impressed by the arrows flight and the huge change in my sight mark as were used to me launching them in the air using a very tall tree as my mark.
Many thanks for another excellent bow.

best regards.



English Longbow, Quad-lam Hickory, lemonwood, Bloodwood and Yew 50lb at 28"

Dear Varin,
It has been almost a year since I received the raven bow and I am happy
to report it has been performing admirably! I am beyond satisfied with
the look, feel and performance of this bow. Thank you so much for your
excellent craftsmanship and I do hope to order something else in the future.
I have attached several photo's, alas some rather blurry due to being
taken by a mobile device. I managed to get a good shot of me at the
Medieval Fair in Kitchener/Waterloo. The bow was very popular there!

Thanks again and have a safe and happy holiday season!




English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 40lb at 27"

Hi Varin

Shooting my 40lb yew longbow Sunday just gone ,won me the County of Warwickshire Indoor Longbow competition .First open tournament win. Shot 443 Portsmouth.
Magic stuff.

Thanks again




Take-Down English Longbow, Bi-lam Bamboo, lemonwood, 40lb at 28"

> Hi Varin
> I've received the parcel, very beautiful bow. Tomorrow I'm going to shoot with it. I will get in touch with you, for tell you how it went the shooting.
> Regards
> Jordi


Yew English Longbow, War bow, 56lb at 28"

Hi Varin

I received the bow today. I just spent two hours doing bare shaft tests and shooting. What a treat! I really like it!

I was expecting the hand shock to be worse but was very pleased to find the bow was forgiving to shoot. I've tried some ash self bows that was much much rougher.

I'll get you some photos later on when the weather allows for outside shooting.

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards


Yew English Longbow, Target bow, 45lb at 29"

Hi Varin

Took the new bow for a spin at the clubs Easter shoot. As I have never shot a longbow it is difficult to comment on its performance other than to compare it to my target recurve ( Hoyt RX riser with F7 limbs).

Firstly I doubt I will ever shoot the recurve again. The joy of shooting your beautifully made bow has left a smile on my face for two days now. It draws smoothly and shoots quietly.  I have heard the term "hand shock" but am sure I don't experience it. The arrows fly with a grace that surely shows that they are perfectly spined for the bow. The combination of traditional and expertly made equipment has rekindled the enthusiasm I had for archery (which was waning with the "technical" shooting)

Thank you for your advice and the skill and care that you have put into making my bow and arrows. 

Alec Lynas 



English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 40lb at 27"

Hi Varin,
 Finished off the indoor season with a second place in an open Worcester shoot with my 40lb yew bow and last weekend won the UK Civil Service Indoor Longbow Competition beating some really good longbow archers with the same bow. Bow shot consistently in both competitions, shame about me. This bow even when I shoot badly always gets me 400+ points on a Portsmouth Round with a PB of 489.
 Looking forward to the outdoor season with both the bows you made me.


English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 40lb at 26"

Hi Varin,

Today was the first chance I've had to shoot Ddraig Arian.

I took her down to Carol Pearce (www.carolarchery.com) for an hour's session, so I could get some basic advice after my 13-year absence :-)

It's fair to say that Carol and everyone else who was there, was blown away at the sheer good looks of the bow; I'd polished the silver nocks last night and the whole thing, including the box, was easily the most impressive setup she'd ever seen (in her words).

As for shooting, she felt amazing; ... the bow itself is beautiful and a real joy to shoot....

I'll mail you again when I get to try her in a club situation, but for now, her first shot was glorious and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you so much,


English Longbow (target), Pacific Yew, 60lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

just a few short lines to let you know that the bow arrived safe and sound............ and by the way..... that is how to package an expensive item HA HA.

My compliments i must admit i was a little nervous getting it posted out but you thought of everything. The stringer, string keeper and a spare string are a nice touch, many thanks.

Initial impressions..... it is a thing of beauty, very smooth to draw and i cant wait to shoot it. I will let you know how i get on with it along with a few pics.

You are a craftsman sir, it is everything i have read about and drooled over for many years.

Thanks again, best wishes



English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 60lb at 28"

Hi Varin
The bow arrived today, what can I say Beautiful, Beautiful, a work of art and a credit to your skills, and well worth the wait.
As I said in my last Mail it will be a few days before I am able to shoot the bow so for now I will handle it and admire it, I will let you know how it goes as soon as I am able to get to the field for a tasty tester...
Very very kind regards Dave.....
Ps Many thanks for all the pic's

Hi Varin
Took the bow for a test run today not expecting too much at the moment as everything
Is bedding in ,the draw was just so sweet, and felt smooth on release with no recoil shock, well pleased...

Best Regards Dave.



Take-Down English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 50lb at 28" with mahogany bow box.

Hi Varin
I received the longbow last night, it's a work of art, I
love it, thank you very much. You were right when you
said that with a bow like this, you can draw a higher
poundage, 50lbs on other bows has been a reasonably
heavy draw for me but this one is very comfortable.
Everyone is raving about the box as well, it's a perfect
compliment to the bow....
Thanks for the bow




English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 60lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

Had the bow out for the first time on Saturday. No problems whatsoever, shot it all day, mostly roving marks some clout and a full blown shoot for the Kings Distance at the end of a long day (5 hours shooting). Longest distance in the final shoot was 258yds with a 30" draw. So everything is fine.... See picture.

Cheers Steve.


English Longbow, Pacific Yew, (Crow nocks), 60lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

Today for the first time able to shoot the bow. It shoots smooth and perfect.. the bow got a lot of approving looks from my fellow archers. On the other hand I got a lot of looks of envy from the same fellow archers :-)
This bow is a wonderful piece of art witch I will fully enjoy for years to come. Thank you once again

with kind regards,

Leon  (


English Longbow, Pacific Yew, 60lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

Just letting you know my bow and the arrows have all arrived safely...

What can I say? It's incredible, a thing of absolute beauty. I've never seen anything like it....it's stunning. This must be what it's like for car enthusiasts to finally own a vintage Jaguar...or something (I'm not a car buff). As I've said, I have thought about this since I was a boy so this is a big moment. Words really aren't enough.

Shooting it this afternoon in the Spring sunshine was a joy. It's obviously a robust bow and (having warmed it up gently) found that it kicked a bit for the first half-dozen shafts by comparison with my 45 lb tri-laminate. After that it settled down - or I did - and by the second dozen was shooting very nicely. Your arrows shoot very tight groups at 25 yds, so much so that I went down to three arrows per end to reduce the risk of splitting one. None of my arrows shoot anywhere near as well. The fletchings seem to be helical in some way as the arrows spin far more than mine, and fly straighter.

You are a genuine craftsman Varin, someone who would have been held in much wider public esteem six hundred years ago. Alas now it is only people like me who appreciate the skill involved who recognise your talent. I will now be the envy of all longbow archers up here in my little area north of the wall.

Thank you again Varin. I wish you every bit of joy for the future that you have brought to me.

With kindest regards,



English Longbow, Lemonwood, 50lb at 28"

Hi Varin, I received my Lemonwood selfbow today. Mate it is absolutely beautiful, every thing I asked for and well worth the wait, After admiring it for a while I just had to string it up and get the feel of it, and it didn't disappoint , Then off I went out in the back yard for a few shots gradually working my way up to the 28 inch draw length, and I must say it felt really nice to shoot though my arrows were a bit heavy for it, then I remembered I had a couple of Jerry Hill arrows that were lighter in spine and they came out of the bow like bullets. So as you can tell Varin I am very pleased with the bow. All I can say is thank you for my great bow, the workman ship is excellent and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone here, (Australia) after such a bow.

Thanks again, John


English Longbow, War Bow, Pacific Yew, 80lb at 26"

I just got back & picked up my bow & arrows! They are totally awesome! Thank you! The craftsmanship is superb & they are works of art. I shot a few arrows in my friends back yard at half draw & close range as he didnt have a good backdrop. So I went to the sportsman club I found that had an actual archery range & shot a couple rounds there. The Range guy was equally impressed with the bow...

Thank you again, I'm very pleased with your work.

Mark  USA


English Longbow, Silver nocks, Pacific Yew, 50lb at 28"

Good morning Varin,

I Hope you are well... I have taken her out (not sure if they are supposed to be a her) but I can confirm that she is truly stunning and I'm over the moon. The arrows are beautifully intricate and I cannot wait to use it, weather permitting over Christmas.

Thank you again, well worth the wait!


Take-Down, Quad-Lam, English Longbow, 45lb at 28"

Hi Varin

I got to shoot the bow this afternoon, the bow is fantastic, very beautiful and easy to string, it's a piece of art


My first experience is very good, very fast compared with my old bow
The throw is flat until 25 m , like you saidSo my performance only can improve

Thanks again, It has been a pleasure doing business with you

I 'll practice a lot during this time waiting for my other bow and the arrows..

Jorge  (Portugal)



Mongolian Style Bow, Traditional materials and construction,

45lb at 26"

Hi Varin,
I received the bow today (that's some packaging btw...) thank you. She looks totally awesome & deadly, especially after just watching Wonder Woman...
I took her out today. She looks great & she shoots beautifully! ...

Thank you again,



English Longbow, Tri-lam, Bamboo, Purpleheart and Lemonwood,   41lb at 25"

Hello Varin,
I cannot thank you enough for looking after me so
completely. When I mentioned the cow horn lighter coloured
nocks & Ray skin grip I felt I was really being a little
picky & over the top, so when I saw you'd done it I was
truly touched by this. They are the icing & cherry on a
perfect cake, so cheers mate.....

Bow is settling in nicely.........
Longbow is very different to recurve which is all good, I'm
loving it, shot to day & the recurvers were getting all
excited, scoping & checking scores!! & then there was me
enjoying the weather & quietly progressing with my new bow.



English Longbow, Tri-lam, Bamboo, Purpleheart and Rosewood,   40lb at 29"

Hi Varin,

Hope that you are doing great.. Received the bow safe and sound was a bit worried about it travelling in the airplane, but the packaging was excellent and sturdy.

Its indeed a lovely bow, have shot it only a few times since i recieved it. Takes a bit of getting used to since i normally shoot traditional recurve bows. Neverthless its a real nice bow to shoot, will describe the experience a bit mor next weekend once i have a bit more time to practice.

The tips were great, i've never used a stringer before and it was relatively easy to use.

I'd really like to express my appreciation at the lovely workmanship that you have put into making the bow.. the middle of the handle where the parts join, the heart of the wood can be clearly seen.. Amazing workmanship, glad that I reached out to you.. don't really trust internet sites much...

If u are ever in Malaysia for a visit do drop us a line, would be glad to show you around.. Have a great day ahead for u and ur family.

..Dawud  (Malaysia)


English Longbow, Tri-lam, Hickory, Purpleheart and Lemonwood,   88lb at 28"

Hi Varin,

Hope all is well with you. It's been a while since I got my longbow from you (laminate, bamboo, purpleheart and lemonwood, about 88 lbs, if you remember) so I thought I should let you know how I am getting on. ...   I have managed quite a bit of practice over the last year or so. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere I can try it out for maximum range, but my accuracy with it has improved a lot and is now better than with my 45 lb field archery bow that I have been using for much longer. I presume the flatter trajectory is the reason. I am basically an instinctive shooter, but now the arrows go where I want them to to the extent that I never shoot more than 3 at a time for fear of splitting them.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the bow; it has taken some work and sore joints to be able to shoot it, because before I got it I had only ever shot regularly with half that draw weight. It was my left forearm that hurt most, don't know why, but that went after a few weeks. I think you described the bow as a "stubborn beast", but as my children have pointed out, so is the archer! Apart from the accuracy there is a lot of satisfaction in learning to shoot the traditional way - and with something that you wouldn't have been embarrassed to turn up with at Agincourt. And it looks great. I think you said at the time that it was the heaviest tri-laminate bow you had made, so I am pleased to be able to report how successful it is. I suspect that this will be the way to go in the future, as concerns grow for the sustainability of yew.

The arrows you supplied have also done excellent work. I am careful with them and it helps that I am shooting at short distances so haven't lost any, but only one out of the original 10 is no longer in service. That one stuck so fast in the wooden frame of the target that it broke while getting it out.

Anyway, I hope things are going well. Please feel free to use any of my comments on your web site.

Best wishes,

Chris P.