Custom made Longbow nocks, various designs in horn and solid silver



Solid Sterling Silver Nocks



Solid Sterling Silver Longbow Nocks

These nocks are made from solid sterling silver. The design is first made from a buffalo horn and then this template is sent to the silversmiths who take a mould and cast the nock in solid silver.


From around 300 for a pair, price dependant on the design and final weight of the nocks.



Silver Dragon



Carved Buffalo Horn Nocks


Carved Buffalo Horn Longbow Nocks

These buffalo horn nocks are carved from a single piece of horn. Their design was inspired by the dragon head carvings found on the front of Viking long ships.

Other designs can be made to order, contact me with you requirements.


110 for a single carved nock and a plain rounded counter nock.

200 for a matching pair of carved nocks.